Centurion Framing Systems has launched it’s new Roof Cover Division reducing the construction time from SLAB to ROOF COVER

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Steel is lighter and more durable.

Compared to wood, BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel frames are significantly lighter, require less crew to install, and impose less safety risks. The framing system is designed to produce less waste, which also reduces clutter around the building site.

TRUECORE® steel won’t shrink, warp or rot, ensuring your home will stand the test of time. Steel framing requires fewer columns so it is more adaptable to changing requirements and allows for more spacious layouts.


Easy to build, easy to change.

The framing system is designed to work similarly to timber, making it easier to switch to steel. Frames can be pre-fabricated to further improve installation times. Steel stays straight and doesn’t warp, so there’s no need for carpenters to plane back wall frames before installing plasterboard.

Pre-punched service holes mean less drilling for electricians and plumbers. Steel can be used in extensions to timber houses and can even be retrofitted to timber houses to repair termite damage.


Steel is non-combustible and termite-proof.

Steel framing is totally termite proof. This means that there’s no need for expensive chemical termite barriers. It’s also non-combustible, significantly reducing fire risks.

Our Enduroframe building system and the Truecore steel used both meet all necessary Australian building requirements.  The Truecore steel in our frames comes with a fifty year warranty*.

* Warranty subject to application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building for the warranty see www.truecore.com.au or call 1800 022 999. 

Design & Manufacturing

Learn more about how steel housing frames are designed and manufactured, and how the Endurocadd system can help design and certify houses.


Learn more about how steel frames are installed and how pre-fabrication can dramatically improve installation time.

Still have Questions?

Still have questions about steel framing? In our FAQs page we answer common questions about the industry and dispel some of the most popular myths.

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