Here are 7 reasons why you should consider steel framing with Centurion Framing System:

1. Vision to Reality

Did you know that not only does Centurion Framing Systems manufacture they have an inhouse design teams transforms your dream into a tangible structure with precision. We want to be known as “builders’ builder”, offering design, supply and install.

2. Quality Materials

With a focus on unmatched strength, durability, and versatility, Centurion exclusively uses high-quality steel Australian Made Truecore Steel engineered and manufactured in our Malaga factory in WA. This steel is design to withstand the test of time, ensuring your home stands strong for years to come.

3. Advanced Fabrication

Precision is key in the fabrication process at Centurion. Advanced techniques ensure accuracy and consistency in every piece of steel framing, guaranteeing a seamless manufacturing process.

4. Efficient Prefabrication

Streamlining the installation process, prefabricated components are manufactured in our Malaga factory and delivered ready for assembly by our team of Installers. This allows quick construction, quicker stage payments and owners into their homes sooner!

5. Expert Installation

Centurion’s experienced professionals meticulously erect the steel framing, following design plans precisely. Every piece is positioned, levelled, and secured to ensure structural integrity and alignment. Our in-house training ensures, we can provide an increase in labour and construction in peak times.

6. Roof Cover

Why wait longer when Centurion Framing can supply walls, trusses and Roof Cover all in one easy supply and install process.  Our installation team is trained to expertly install the roof cover, providing a weather-tight seal and completing the structure of your new home.

7. Commitment to Excellence

Centurion Framing System is more than just a construction project; it’s a journey of transformation. With a dedication to excellence, precision, and quality, Centurion is your partner in turning your vision into reality. Our commitment to the  new working with heights regulations and 7 star energy ratings, ensure our steel framed walls, trusses and Colorbond roof cover. 

Centurion Framing System offers a complete solution for your home construction needs, with the highest level of quality and expertise. Trust us to provide you with exceptional service and results that will exceed your expectations.

One of the key factors in our all-in-one supply and install process is our commitment to excellence. Our skilled installation team is trained to expertly install your roof cover, completing the structure of your new home.

We will keep you updated on this and other developments as more and more builders look to come on board.

If you are a builder and we can help you overcome any of these problems that might be heading your way then please reach out to the friendly CFS team, we would be glad to discuss the opportunities with you.

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