The Advantages of Steel Framing Over Traditional Timber

The Advantages of Steel Framing Over Traditional Timber

In the world of home construction in Western Australia, converting owners and builders to the merits of framing and brick veneer over traditional double brick is a common challenge. Yet, in recent years, there has been a shift towards framing as the preferred method for building homes.

The debate between steel and timber framing has been long-standing. While timber has been a traditional choice for many years, steel framing, like the systems offered by us at Centurion Framing Systems, is gaining popularity for its numerous advantages.

This blog post delves into why steel framing is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for residential construction.So what makes steel framing such an attractive option? Let’s explore some of its advantages over traditional timber framing.

Durability and Strength

Steel is stronger and more durable than timber, withstanding extreme weather conditions in Perth like high winds, heat and cyclones. Its robustness prevents warping, splitting, or cracking over time, ensuring long-lasting structural integrity.

Resistance to Pests and Fire

Steel framing’s resistance to pests, especially termites and European House Borers, and its non-combustible nature offer advantages over timber. This durability reduces the need for chemical treatments and enhances fire safety. The chemical treatments required for timber to combat pests can break down within months when left exposed to weathering elements such as UV and moisture.

Environmental Considerations

Steel framing is environmentally friendly as one of the most recycled materials globally, reducing the ecological footprint. In contrast, timber framing requires the cutting down of trees, which has broader ecological impacts.

Precision and Quality

Steel frames are fabricated precisely, leading to better fitting and less waste during construction. Timber quality can vary, affecting build quality.

Efficiency in Construction

Steel framing’s pre-engineered parts reduce construction time significantly compared to timber, saving labor costs. Steel frames are manufactured onsite in Perth, delivered complete and ready for install

Long-term Cost Savings

Despite higher initial costs, steel framing offers long-term savings due to durability and low maintenance. Energy-efficient steel buildings save on heating and cooling bills.


The shift to steel framing in residential construction prioritises durability, safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Centurion Framing Systems and similar companies exemplify the benefits of steel over traditional timber, making it a future-forward, quality choice.

We will keep you updated on this and other developments as more and more builders look to come on board.

If you are a builder and we can help you overcome any of these problems that might be heading your way then please reach out to the friendly CFS team, we would be glad to discuss the opportunities with you.

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